Dr. Yogesh Kayakalp Hospital, Sikar (Raj.)

We treat Slip Disc, Neuro Spine problems, Joints Pain and Frozen Shoulder without surgery by Ayurvedic Neuro Panchkarma Therapy.

डॉ. योगेश शर्मा सीकर (राजस्थान) के सुप्रसिद्ध आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा एवं न्युरो थैरेपी विशेषज्ञ हैं। डॉ. योगेश शर्मा ने सीकर में डॉ. योगेश कायाकल्प हॉस्पिटल की स्थापना 10 फरवरी 1998 को की थी | यहाँ पर शेखावाटी क्षेत्र सहित सम्पूर्ण भारत के रोगी अपने इलाज के लिए आते हैं | डॉ. योगेश कायाकल्प हॉस्पिटल में आयुर्वेदिक न्यूरो पंचकर्म थैरेपी के द्वारा इलाज किया जाता हैं | आयुर्वेदिक न्यूरो पंचकर्म थैरेपी, डॉ. योगेश शर्मा के द्वारा अपने अनुभव के आधार पर अलग अलग उपचार की विधियों का बनाया हुआ 'कॉम्बीनेशन' हैं, इसमें (1) आयुर्वेदिक न्यूरो थैरेपी (2) नाड़ी स्टीम थैरेपी (3) एक्यूपंक्चर थैरेपी (4) कपिंग थैरेपी एवं (5) योगसाधना विधियाँ शामिल हैं | यहाँ पर स्लिपडिस्क, Disc Bulge – Disc Herniation – Lumber and Cervical Spondylosis (कमर एवं गर्दन दर्द), स्पोन्डीलाइटिस, हाथ पैरों की न्यूरो प्रॉबलम्स, Frozen Shoulder (कंधे की जकड़ाहट) तथा घुटनादर्द का इलाज बिना ऑपरेशन न्यूरो पंचकर्म थैरेपी से सफलतापूर्वक किया जाता हैं | इसके अलावा माइग्रेन (सिरदर्द), गैस – एसीडीटी, पेटदर्द – धरण, आंव, मरोड़ – दस्त, कब्ज एवं पाइल्स (मस्सा) का सफल उपचार प्राचीन हर्बल मेडीसिन एवं योगसाधना द्वारा किया जाता हैं |

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back pain


Pain in the lower back may be linked to the bony lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs.

slip disk


A slipped disc is very painful dis-eases for body and presses on nerves. It usually gets better slowly with rest, gentle exercise and painkillers.

carvical pain


cervical pain condition painful and debilitating, taking you away from your family, affecting your daily routine and even your ability to get a good night's sleep.

knee joint pain


Knee pain is a common problem that can originate in any of the bony structures compromising the knee joint (femur, tibia, fibula), the kneecap (patella).

magrain pain


Migraine headaches are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. Triggers include hormonal changes, certain food and drink, stress and exercise.

tannis elbow


Tennis elbow can be caused by repetitive wrist and arm motions. It usually occurs on the outside of the elbow and sometimes in the forearm and wrist.


Ayurvadic Neuro Panchakarma Therapy


We treat spine and joints problems without surgery by Neuro Panchkarma Therapy. Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment relies upon five distinctive basic activities. Know more on What is Panchakarma, Panchakarma Benefits & Panchakarma Therapies.

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"Ayurvedic" Neurotherapy, "Nadi Mardan Kriya" is an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy based on the vedic principles & philosophy. This natural healing therapy deals with nerves, muscles, joints and blood & lymphatic channels. Authorities in the field believe that the body is co-ordinated by three different humors or energy forces as Vata (air) pitta (bile) and kapha(water).

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According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic India, it is the method of evaporation. In this disease, the decoction of Ayurvedic medicines (an Ayurvedic herbal remedy) is prepared and put in the incision machine. After that, the steam is prepared by the pipe (pulse) on the patient's disease affected organ. In which patient feels comfortable immediately in pain. The patient feels refreshing by increasing blood circulation by pulse steam therapy.

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About 3000 before today, Sushruta Sahitya has mentioned the special bindu on the body in the name of "Marm". In Sushruta Sahinta, there are a total of 107 statues on your body. According to Sushruta, life energy is flowing in each of these "Marm" points. When the balance of life energy gets spoiled in these "mind" points in the body then the disease is born. Therefore, by accumulating these special points (Marma), by controlling the flow of life energy and by balancing it, the diseases are corrected.

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

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Sadhana means any spiritual practice that aids the aspirant to realise God. It is a means to attain the goal of life. Without Sadhana no one can achieve the goal. Sadhana differs according to taste, temperament and capacity.

साधना का अर्थ है कोई भी साधना जो ईश्वर को साकार करने की आकांक्षा रखती है। यह जीवन के लक्ष्य को पाने का एक साधन है। साधना के बिना कोई भी लक्ष्य प्राप्त नहीं कर सकता। साधना स्वाद, स्वभाव और क्षमता के अनुसार भिन्न होती है।

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It's usually caused when a herniated disc or bone spur in the spine presses on the nerve. Pain originates in the spine and radiates down the back of the leg. Sciatica typically affects only one side of the body. Medication for pain and physiotherapy are common treatments.

5/27/2020 12:03:20 PM


Most neck pain is due to degenerative changes that occur in the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine and the joints between each vertebra. Perhaps the most serious of the problems caused by degeneration of the spinal segment in thecervical spine is the condition of spinal stenosis.

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Migraine headaches are sometimes preceded by warning symptoms. Triggers include hormonal changes, certain food and drink, stress and exercise. Migraine headaches can cause throbbing in one particular area that can vary in intensity. Nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms. Preventive and pain-relieving medication can help manage migraine headaches.